Hajj package 2023

Hajj package 2023 | Last Date to Apply

The Hajj package 2023 for all Pakistani pilgrims this year has been made public by the Pakistani government. The Hajj applications, Hajj price, Hajj quota, and Hajj eligibility are all covered by this policy. In the first week of April, the names of the chosen pilgrims for this year’s Hajj will be revealed. If an applicant’s name is not on the list, the banks may be able to provide them with a refund within a week of the notification.

Just 0.5% of the official Hajj quota will be reserved for pilgrims on the waiting list the administration creates for Hajj pilgrims. Candidates must have National Identification Cards and Pakistani machine-readable passports that are both valid through December 26, 2023.

This year, 50% of Pakistan’s total Hajj quota will be set for the hajj package 2023 aside for the sponsorship program. In addition, the government has set aside 3% of the overall quota under the government’s Hajj plan for situations of difficulty, such as newborns or disintegrated families.

Hajj package 2023

Hajj Application deadline 2023

The notion of extending the deadline for Hajj applications in Pakistan has just been accepted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony. The final day to submit Government Hajj Scheme in Pakistan is thus April 2, 2023.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs’ spokesman has stated that specific banks will be open on Saturdays and Sundays to accept Hajj applications. The chosen banks have requested permission to continue operating from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

The deadline to apply for the Sponsorship Hajj Program has been extended until Sunday, April 9.

The online application form for the Hajj is available at www.hajjinfo.org for anyone who wants to submit it. On the other hand, people who submit hajj applications to banks today can do so by visiting the bank branch’s official website. The Pakistani government has just made the application deadline announcement. All applicants must submit their applications before the deadline for consideration. For the candidates searching for government schemes for hajj, they can visit the official website www.hajjinfo.org.

Govt to send all Applicants on Hajj without balloting

According to the news on Thursday, the federal government has decided to approve all applications and send all 72,869 candidates on the Hajj without conducting a vote.

Details indicate that the choice was made by Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif’s instructions and the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ advice.
Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister, disclosed that the Religious

Against this year’s quota of 44,190 applications, the Ministry received 72,869 under the normal Hajj system. The federal government has decided to approve all applications and send all 72,869 applicants on Hajj without conducting a vote, he declared.

Ishaq Dar further stated that in order to transport more Hajj pilgrims than the predetermined quota allowed under the usual program, the Religious Ministry will need additional funds, including foreign currency.

Hajj expenses or costs

Government Hajj Scheme Cost

This year, the cost of the govt hajj program differs according to the cities. The Hajj package would cost PKR 1,165,000 for Karachi, Quetta, and Sukkur without qurbani. Without qurbani, the Hajj costs PKR 1,175,000 in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Faisalabad, and Sialkot. The cost of the Qurbani bundle has not yet been made public.

Sponsor Hajj Scheme Cost

The ministry will charge USD 4,325 to pilgrims from northern Pakistan and USD 4,285 to travelers from southern Pakistan for the Hajj Sponsorship Scheme 2023.

Sources claim that the ministry would charge each pilgrim under the Sponsorship program around USD. But, if the Pakistani Rupee continues to decline, the cost of the Hajj might increase to PKR 1.3 million.

Moreover, payments in USD will be allowed through international transfers.

How to apply for Hajj Package 2023

Anyone interested in applying for the Hajj package 2023 online can do so at www.hajjinfo.org. Those who wish to apply for the hajj through a bank can do so today by visiting the official website of the bank branch. The Pakistani government has recently announced the application deadline. All applicants must submit their applications before the deadline to be considered.

  1. According to the Hajj package 2023 Eligibility Requirements, only people who are younger than 65 years old are permitted to undertake the Hajj.
  2. Pregnant ladies should not apply as they are unable to undertake the Haj.
  3. A month or more must have passed from the date of your journey for sport to be valid, machine-readable, and current.
  4. You must have the first and second doses of the Covid vaccination before you may travel. Also, they made it clear that the candidates could not skip the meningococcal vaccine or the seasonal vaccinations in favor of Covid doses. They should be in perfect condition and unaffected by any acute or long-term illnesses.

Official links for Hajj Application 2023

Hajj 2023Official Links
Hajj policy 2023http://www.hajjinfo.org/default.aspx?pageid=home
Govt. Hajj Schemehttp://www.hajjinfo.org/default.aspx?pageid=govt
Application Statushttp://application.inquiry.hajjinfo.org/
Last Hajj statushttp://lasthajj.inquiry.hajjinfo.org/
Online Application formhttps://applyonline.hajjinfo.org/
Online ziarat Prophet’s ﷺ Mosquehttps://vr.qurancomplex.gov.sa/msq/
Official Links

List of Bank Coordinators for Hajj Program 2023

Hajj Package 2023 Application form

Hajj application 2023
Hajj application form

Medical Certificate for Hajj Package 2023

Medical certificate for hajj 2023

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