Nadra id card tracking

Nadra ID Card Tracking: How to Check Status of Pakistan Identity Card Through NADRA

Effortlessly track your NADRA ID card with our reliable NADRA ID card tracking service. Stay informed about the status and whereabouts of your ID card using our efficient tracking system. Simplify the process and eliminate uncertainty. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) was established by the Pakistani government so that its sizable population may use computerized national ID cards (CNIC). These CNICs serve as identification as well as a key to a number of programs and advantages in the nation. To find out how to trace your CNIC via NADRA, continue reading.

NADRA Id card tracking

NADRA tracking id check online

A tracking number is required to verify the status of your CNIC For NADRA ID card tracking. When you submit an application for an ID card through NADRA, you will be given this tracking number. A 12-digit identifier that is found on the request form or invoice is your tracking number. You can use the tracking code to keep track of the status of your request and the anticipated delivery date for your ID card.

NADRA id card tracking status check online

You may utilize the facility provided by NADRA to determine the position of your CNIC. You can follow the development of various ID kinds, such as CNIC, NICOP, or POC apps, on the website and get information on their current state. Additionally, you can check your legitimacy online and retrieve your proof of identity.

NADRA id card tracking online

You must already have a login to track your status online. You can check your CNIC status online by doing the subsequent actions:

1) Access the Pakistan Identity Portal
2) Access your account
3) Consent to the terms and conditions
4) Select “Apply Now” under the CNIC/NICOP option.
5) Select the “Existing Applications” menu item.
6) Click “Tracking ID” to see your CNIC’s current status

NADRA id card tracking

NADRA id card tracking by sms

Through the SMS-based service provided by NADRA, you can also check the status of your CNIC.
1) Launch the messaging program
2) Text 8400 with your application tracking ID.
After that, NADRA will send you a text message with all the information you need to know about the status of your CNIC. If neither of those two approaches appeals to you, you can contact NADRA directly at +9251111786100.

Nadra id card tracking

CNIC Details with Picture

Pakistani nationals receive Computerised National Identity Cards (CNIC) with photo details. Modern technologies and clearly laid out corporate norms ensure its legitimacy and authenticity. Every Pakistani citizen who is at least 18 years old, male or female, is entitled to receive a CNIC or Smart card. Additionally, NADRA publishes a list of its chosen applicants online.

Advantages of online CNIC verification

1) Easy and convenient process that saves time.
2) Accessible from anywhere, giving you the option to check your CNIC whenever it’s convenient for you.
3) Use the internet service to avoid physically visiting NADRA offices, which means you can say goodbye to long lines there.
4) Are you interested in the status of your CNIC application? You don’t need to look any further because online CNIC validation also lets you see how your request is doing.

To confirm the validity of your identification, take advantage of the effectiveness and simplicity of online CNIC validation. I strongly urge you to use the online CNIC confirmation tool for an unmatched experience, whether you’re looking to confirm your CNIC or track the status of your application.

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