Punjab Police Jobs

Punjab police jobs 2023 | How to Apply

845 new Punjab Police Jobs are announced by the Punjab Police. Your education must be ICS to get hired. CTS will undergo its examination. These outfits will not be height or chest measured. Interviews with test-passers will follow.

Both men and women are eligible to apply for these sets.

Candidates can download the application form and find more instructions and information on the Candidates Testing Service website at https://www.cts.org.pk.

Punjab Police Jobs

All standards and other credentials for Joining Punjab Police Jobs 2023 online applications must be met. Candidates that are selected may profit from large wage offers and other perks. The selection process will involve physical examinations, written exams, medical examinations, and interviews. A 5% quota has also been set aside by the Punjab Police for minorities. Selected Security Constables are needed to perform their tasks in any district within the province of Punjab following the demands of the Punjab Police.

Job objectives

The objectives of Punjab Police Jobs are as follows:

  • In the police station, there are always public services available.
  • Reiterating a citizen’s grievance to a police officer
  • To sculpt the postal service at the police station

For the following positions based on interaction with men and women, inhabitants of all Punjab districts are looking for applicants who are committed to the spirit of public service and are IT experts.

Punjab Police Jobs Post Names

  • Police Station Assistant
  • Senior Police Station Assistant


  • ICS (from a recognized board).
  • Computer Certificate (MS Office) qualified from a recognized institute
  • 35 WPM for English Typing.
  • 25 WPM for Urdu Typing.


For Senior Police Station Assistant 3 years of experience is required in relevant field.

Age Limit


How to apply for Punjab Police Jobs 2023

To download the application and any other required instructions or information, go to the website of Candidates Testing Services.

  • The candidate is only permitted to apply for the city shown on his ID card, either permanently or temporarily.
  • A PSA/SSA applicant may only apply for the district where he or she resides.
  • Government and semi-government employees have already submitted their forms and applications.

All applicants must provide an affidavit stating that they are not parties to any FIRs or cases and are not desired, sought after, or challenged. Additionally, the choice will be revoked right once if any unacceptable information or criminal history is discovered. Additionally, the applicant will be permanently barred from applying for police employment for filing a fake affidavit. And a legal case will be filed.

All original documents will be checked following the information provided on the application. Even if hired, an applicant will be disqualified for providing false information if it is discovered that they provided false information at any time. Furthermore, he will be the target of legal action.

The candidates will undergo medical evaluations by the provincially accredited hospital at the time of final selection. The contender will be eliminated if they fail.

Candidates are recommended to maintain their mobile numbers accessible throughout the placement process because only the specified mobile phone will be used for contact.

Punjab Police Jobs

Call this number from 9 am to 5 pm for further details. 272-2120100-051 DIG Punjab, Establishment II, Lahore

Important Notice for Punjab Police Jobs

You must adhere to the following guidelines to obtain these positions:

Candidates are only permitted to apply for the city shown on their identity card, either permanently or temporarily. Candidates for PSA/SSA may only apply for their district of domicile. Send in Nos. Each applicant will need to certify in writing that they are not parties to any pending or pending investigations.

Further, if there is any poor notification or criminal history, the selection should be revoked right away. Will be disqualified from hiring police and face legal action if they provide a fake affidavit to the candidate.

All original papers will be checked at any point following the guidelines outlined in the application form. A candidate will be disqualified for giving incorrect information if they receive fraudulent information, and vice versa. The candidate will undergo a medical examination, and if they fail, they will be disqualified. Candidates are advised to maintain their mobile numbers accessible throughout the deployment process because only the specified mobile number will be used for communication.

Contact this number from 9 am to 5 pm for further details.


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